All over the world, approximately 15 percent of couple’s faces problems with conception and this percentage keep increasing. Infertility is characterized by the inability to conceive after a year of sexual intercourse absent the use of contraceptives. Infertility is prevalent among men. There are so many ways which have been discovered to be useful in treating problems related to infertility. Prior to the use of home remedies, ruling out any underlying treatable medical conditions is very important. In this article, we have gathered some ways which have been found to be useful in procuring solutions to infertility at home.

Below are six effective ways to treat male infertility at home:


Vitamin C intake boosts male’s fertility. Addition of vitamin C with an extract from grapeseed is a very powerful combination that boosts potency in men. The extract from grapeseed has shown in various ways to contain strong antioxidant properties. Mixtures of these two i.e. vitamin C and grapeseed extract will enable the sperm count to be stronger and give it more defenses, adding to their lifespan and chances to remain strong until reaching the female egg and fertilizing it.

  1. DATES

Apart from the tasty nature of dates, there are various nutrients in it that promote conception. Some fat-soluble vitamins, e.g. Vitamin A, and vitamin E, and water-soluble vitamin e.g. vitamin B, couples with several minerals are found to be very rich within dates. All of these combinations are essential to allow a woman to conceive by paving a way so that the sperm from a man can fertilize the egg, as well as having a healthy pregnancy until the day of delivery. Dates also help in treating constipation and regularize bowel movements.


Various parts of a raspberry plant, such as the leaves and the seeds are found to be extremely useful. They contain various flavonoids, tannins, and ellagic acid which have been known for a very long time to increase the chances of getting pregnant. With the pleasant taste of this plant, the leaves are very rich in calcium which helps in strengthening the uterus. Mixtures of dry leaves of raspberry in hot water and drinking it exactly the way you’d drink herbal tea makes it easy to consume. A couple of cups daily will help improve fertility in both men and women.


The good old fruit has been discovered to be a natural supplement to having a long and healthy life. Aside from this, it is found to be successful in improving fertility in men and also increase the rate of growth in pregnant women. The main purpose of pomegranate is to boost the circulation of blood to the uterus. This effectively causes the uterine lining to get thicker and stronger which, as a result, strongly reduces a miscarriage from happening. The fetus can now develop in a healthy manner since there is safe and strong uterus in place. The raw or fresh juice of this natural supplement should be taken in the right quantities for a few weeks. Though it might be scary, infertility is simply a small bumpy road on the path to achieving a good and healthy pregnancy. Certain impediments in the body of the man or the woman might need a medical treatment necessary to have a successful conception. In most circumstances for female and male infertility treatment, home remedies are found very useful and reliable to help your body achieve its optimal nature.


Stinging nettle is an herb that is highly recommended in treating any problems related to uterus thereby improving fertility. Intake of this herb directly affects the adrenal glands thereby promoting their functionality. This increases the chances of getting pregnant and ensuring the retention of the embryo within the uterus and reducing the chances of a miscarriage. Stinging nettle is a great source of many fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E, after delivery, it is advantageous to be taking nestle tea since it aids the production of milk from the mammary gland which helps to improve the immune system of a newborn baby. By consuming nestles tea for couples of months helps increase the chances of getting pregnant.


Birth-related defects in the uterus during pregnancy can be prevented by taking Folic acid. Folic acid is a vitamin of the B-complex; this can also help in getting pregnant in the first place. Folic acid is highly essential in maintaining a fertile state since it helps maintain a proper working of processes relevant to ovulation. Folic acid tablets needed to be taken for a few months in quantities of 400 mcg before conception can take place. This will enhance pregnancy as well as provides necessary support in the development of an unborn baby. This will help prevent a defect such as autism.

Finally, infertility is prevalent medical problems which have been found to affect approximately 60 percent of couples all over the world. There are so many ways which can be used to solving this problem including medical treatment and homegrown methods. Some of the ways which can be used to treat infertility at home include the use of grapeseed extract, dates, folic acid, pomegranate, stinging nettle and raspberry leave among others.


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