Sugar imbalance has always been a plague on the human health, ever since diabetes broke into the medical industry, claiming hundreds of lives yearly or advertently culminating into even deadlier conditions. In some cases, this sugar excess in the blood is hereditary, only dormant until you attempt taking your first few bottles of beer of extra-sweetened coffee. Due to the scary nature of this disease, experts are continuously finding new ways to battle the dread and reduce the number of outbreaks all over the world. While some may suggest surgery or even amputation to save your life – that is when you can no longer control it – you can start early by suppressing it with homemade or prescribed remedies straight out of Mother Nature’s very green kitchen.

A numerousness of reliable and relatable sources has shown the positive effects of using supplements to fight diabetes. Not only does it offer many other health benefits, it is also one of the easiest ways to stay sugar-free and doing so at very little costs. If you compare treating the condition naturally with having to shove tacky pills down your throat or having needles pump vaccines into your bloodstream, you would fast understand why this employ is to many a no-brainer. There are different ways to battle the effects and the emergence of diabetes using natural methods you can accomplish from the comfort of your home. Here’s how to cure diabetes without medicine.

Essential Dietary Oils

This supplement can help you balance out your sugar level and better your health. 0-3, alongside EPA and DHA, has the capacity to help patients lower their lipid panels. While triglycerides and cholesterol are reduced, insulin resistance, pain and inflammation are equally done a number on by this supplement. Essential dietary oils can as well make your exercise and sleep way easier, thus reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions by keeping blood pressure at a minimum. If you have ever thought of phasing into dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, probably getting the scare all too already, essential dietary oils will keep you as safe as ever from these possibilities. They also prevent and – when present – treats anxiousness and depression while promoting the antioxidant activities in the body and brain to lend a big hand in reducing the development of diabetic complications.

Multiple Vitamins with Minerals

This may seem like just another food mash amalgam, with the former having much of an array than the other. But a good multiple vitamin and mineral whip-up is a great way to begin assisting nutrient intake in all cases of diabetes. This ‘multiple’ helps you ensure that your system is in the reception of the entirety of key nutrients it needs in order for its biochemical, hormonal, nutritional, detoxifying, healing, rebuilding, protecting and strengthening processes to take full, easy and smooth working swings.

Being that the human body works on enzymes which help speed up reactions for effective working, theses catalysts require nutrient cofactors to enable them effectively engage their designed actions and do so in time. A good multiple vitamin supplement will go a long way in ensuring that those cofactors are available when needed, in order to reduce the risk of diabetic developments. You just need to avoid one-a-day brands and make sure you take all supplements in the most absorbable and bioactive forms. Steer clear from products containing nickel, talc, soy lecithin, fillers, sweeteners, allergens, preservatives and food flavorings; stick this this diabetes cure breakthrough.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Commonly known as the sugar destroyer in Ayurvedic medicine, Gymnema has on a consistent basis shown benefits for patients suffering from diabetes. The most active part of this appears to be gymnemic acids, whose capsule contents have been listed by percentage on many products. Experts have analyzed the herb for diabetics, and it has proved too helpful in bringing high sugar levels to equilibrium, delay intestinal glucose absorption and regenerate pancreatic tissues. Gymnemic acids also help in the increment of insulin production and the regulation of its secretion, while increasing cell glucose use.

Gymnema has a shape in semblance to glucose, and on the backs of that, it can fit into the taste bud receptors for sugar and has a remarkable power to prevent sweet tastes in the mouth for up to an hour and the half. Many diabetes cure trends in 2019 are largely based on this herb; maybe you should try it too.


The benefit of chromium intake has been studied and argued for many years, all of which divulge that the mineral present in the substance is usable in developing the glucose tolerance factor, which helps insulin work better. Several of researches have suggested that chromium supplements have the capacity to probably improve the control of diabetes, while playing an essential role in binding to and activating the insulin receptor on body cells. Supplemental chromium has shown the makings of agent that can lower blood sugar levels; lipids, A1C and insulin in diabetic patients, while helping them decrease their cravings for sweets. Chromium dosage ranging from 200 milligrams to 2,000 milligrams is safe for a day, and higher doses are unnecessary, not to mention their potential to cause acute kidney failure.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea is a carrier of bioflavinoid epigallocatechin gallate (ECCG) and a diabetes cure diet which has been shown to be a safe and effective antioxidant. A Japanese study made us realize that green tea can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes onset, while being able to enhance glucose tolerance in patients and decrease blood sugar overall production alongside over secretion.  Greet tea leaf extracts have an effective anti-angiogenesis factor which makes it able to reduce the complicating growth of blood vessels, which may have a substantial effect on the prevention of diabetic retinopathy. This herb also has shown fat oxidation promotion capabilities, while being able to foster thermogenesis. Green tea, or its organic counterpart, at 200 to 400 milligrams daily, provides antioxidant protection for the pancreas and the fatty liver.

From supplements to seemingly unbelievable guided meditation, treating or preventing diabetes can involve the use of traditional medicines, alternative recipes, and, of course, natural remedies. While acupuncture and biofeedback are yet other ways, natural medicine could be your best lifeline against the dreaded diabetes.


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