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Sex is ranked popular among one of those things that keeps your relationship alive and exciting, and in addition to this, it is of utmost importance. Awkwardly, many men are selfish lovers, and on a number of cases, they are in the habit of abandoning their lovers in an unsatisfied sexual state. As a result of this, a number of people have imbibed the habit of cheating on their partners and presently, the numbers of cheating cases are increasing day by day.

As a man, what things must you do to make your wife have an incredible time each time you have sex? In this article we have gathered ten sexy things that you hope to do to give your woman an intense orgasm:

  1. Before sex, let her orgasm:
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This is known to be the most demand thing every woman want from their man in bed. But it’s quite unfortunate that many men do not do this, instead what they crave is the insertion of their dick into their partner’s vagina. The fact remains that this is not what women want from you. If you can give her an orgasm before getting in, then she will be chronicled of good sexual experience with you. Another benefit associated with this is that she will be more responsive and crave for more orgasm during sex. If you can do this, both of you will keep a record of great sexual experience.

  1. Pay much attention to hidden erogenous zones:
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Many men pay attention only to the “obvious” points in the body of a woman while trying to give her sexual pleasure. This includes and not limited to her breasts, her clitoris and her G-spot, however, the fact remains that women do not want you to pay attention to these points, what they want from you is paying attention to their whole body! Why? This is because there are a total of 16 “hidden” erogenous zones that can give your woman satisfaction, which can also make her more sensitive to vaginal stimulation.

  1. Stay in bed for longer:
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Let’s be factual at this point; women hate entirely when a man comes too early because it prevents them from experiencing an orgasm. Put yourself in that condition; when your woman drive you close to orgasm, then all of a sudden stopped, leave you alone and went to bed. Yes, it is very annoying. In the event that you want to drive your woman crazy, then you should learn how to last long in bed. Though it is not possible to have a quickie all the time in bed; however, a woman wants you to spend a minimum of 30 minutes with them, as this gives them multiple orgasms.

  1. Have fun with her till she begs for it:
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A lot of women have complained that their men do not tease them. Women want you to initiate sexual action by playing with them until they practically demand for it. For example, with oral sex, most men dive directly into it. What would be much more exciting would be if you kiss the interior of her thighs and breathe hot in her vagina. Then, so slowly that you can barely feel it moves your tongue over the clitoris. Do it until he asks you to give her more, and then give her pleasure. She will appreciate it a hundred times as much.

  1. More oral sex:
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Many guys are afraid to give oral sex to their wives. Their most common reason is: “I’m fine; I’m fine with my fingers.” It’s like a girl who says, “I’m not doing blowjobs … but I’m okay; I’m fine with my hands.” It’s just not the same. If you know how to do it right, giving oral sex is the fastest and easiest way to give her an orgasm. Also, when you finish oral sex, it will be much more reactive during sex and more likely to hurt you. Give your girlfriend a lot of oral sex, and she will love you for that.


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