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Lemons are popular fruits used by people in small quantities, lemons are also used together with herbs and spices, but they are not used alone due to their intense sour flavor. Lemons are citrus fruits that contain a high amount of vitamin C. They perform varieties of functions such as enhancing beauty. Lemons are loaded with essential nutrients which make lemons to provide the health benefits listed below:

Here are 10 health benefits of drinking lemon water

  1. Lemon is rich in vitamin C

Lemons are citrus fruit rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is the main antioxidant which guides and protects the cells of the body against the harmful effect of free radicals. Vitamin C can lower the chance of developing cardiovascular disease and stroke, as well as reducing blood pressure.

  1. Detoxification

In the event that you need a detoxifier for your liver and cleaning of your kidneys and as well as your digestive system, the fresh lemon juice is the best solution that can help you in achieving your goals. All that is needed is to add fresh lemon juice to a glass of water in the morning. This assists the body in getting rid of toxic chemical and provides the body with excellent detoxification.

  1. Digestive disorders

As mentioned earlier, lemons are rich in vitamin C and are sufficiently effective to treat digestive problems. They contain digestive juices, which help digestion, relieve heartburn, bloating, belching and stomach problems. In cases of fever and stomach disturbances, a glass of lemon juice is often recommended. Lemon, when taken with hot water early in the morning, it helps to solve any problem related to indigestion. In addition, it also eliminates toxins from the kidneys and digestive system, thereby boosting immunity and cleanses the blood.

  1. Restores pH Balance

In order to combat cancer and other diseases, keeping a slightly positive alkaline state is important. Although their taste is sour, lemon is one of the most important alkaline foods and helps push your body to the needed alkaline pH state of about 7.4.

  1. Eliminate parasites

Parasites that are found in the intestine grow well in an acidic digestive system, changing the environment to alkaline kills and eliminate the parasites naturally. Lemon juice together with apple cider vinegar will help eliminate the parasites.

  1. Fever

If you are suffering from any of the following: cold, flu or fever, lemon juice can be used for the treatment of the listed illness. It helps reduce fever by increasing sweating. To relieve the symptoms of fever and chills: what you need to do is to add lemon juice to a cup of hot water with honey and drink every 2 hours while fever or cold subsidies.

  1. Dental Care

Lemon juice has also been found to be useful in dental care. Fresh lemon can help to get rid of pain when applied to the areas of the mouth affected with toothache.  Rubbing of lemon on gums can put an end to gum bleeding. It alleviates bad odors and other gum problems.

  1. High blood pressure:

Lemon juice or lemon water for high blood pressure is useful for people with heart disease due to high potassium content. It controls high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea; and provides soothing feelings to the body and mind. Lemon has also been found to help in lowering stress and depression.

  1. Disorders of the respiratory system:

Lemon juice can alleviate breathing problems such as asthma. Since it is a good source of vitamin C, lemons can help you in the treatment of permanent breathing problems. Its antibacterial properties help in the treatment of throat infections.

  1. Weight loss

A diet that contains lemon can be very helpful for rapid weight loss. If you want to lose that excess of fat, drink lemon juice mixed with warm water and honey early in the morning.

Lemons are citrus fruits which have been known throughout the world for its amazing health benefits. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C an excellent antioxidant that protects the body against the damaging effect of free radicals. Lemons have been found to be useful in treating many diseases including fever, cold, flue, and digestive disorders among others.



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