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There are many amazing herbs that play a crucial role in achieving your weight loss dream. However, a number of herbs and spices have been found to be effective in combating cravings and stimulate fat burning and weight loss. In this article, we talk about some incredible herbs that can help you lose weight.

  1. Fenugreek for Weight Loss
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This is one of the most prevalent spices found in the household which are obtained from a species of plant called Trigonella foenum-graecum, a plant belonging to the family of legumes. A number of researches have shown that Fenugreek can be helpful in regulating appetite and reduce food consumption to stimulate weight loss. Another study which involves 18 individuals indicates that adding 8 grams of Fenugreek fiber as a supplement on a daily basis stimulate the sensations of satiety and decrease the rate of food cravings and food intake when compared to a similar control group.

  1. Cayenne pepper for Weight Loss
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Cayenne pepper belongs to the class of chili pepper, which is usually used to dosage pungent flavors with many dishes. Cayenne pepper contains a capsaicin compound, which is responsible for its characteristic heat and many health benefits have been attributed to it. Some studies have shown that capsaicin can slightly boost metabolism, thereby causing a boost in the number of calories consumed for the whole day. In addition to this, capsaicin reduces hunger which helps in promoting weight loss. A small study has shown that capsaicin capsules increase satiety and reduce the total intake of calories.

  1. Ginger for Weight Loss
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Ginger is a spice produced from the rhizome of the flower of the ginger flower, called Zingiber officinale. It is widely used in traditional medicine as a natural remedy for a wide range of diseases, and some studies show that ginger can also contribute to weight loss. An overview of studies done on 14 humans subjects showed that ginger supplements significantly reduced body weight and belly fat.

  1. Oregano for Weight Loss
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Oregano is a perennial plant belonging to the same family as mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, and sage. There is a powerful compound in it known as carvacrol. Carvacrol is a powerful compound that can induce weight loss. Carvacrol also directly influenced specific genes and proteins that control body fat synthesis. However, studies on the effects of oregano and carvacrol on weight loss remain very limited. Human-based studies are especially lacking.

  1. GinsengĀ for Weight Loss
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Ginseng is a plant with beneficial properties for health, it is usually considered an essential element in traditional Chinese medicine. It can be classified in several different species, including Korean, Chinese and American, all of which belong to the same species of the ginseng plant. Several studies indicate that this powerful plant could ease weight loss.

A small study found that taking ginseng root twice a day for eight weeks resulted in a quantitative decrease in body weight, as well as changes in the composition of the microbiota of the intestine. However, more quality, large-scale studies are needed to examine the impact of ginseng on weight loss most especially in humans.

  1. Turmeric For Weight Loss
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Turmeric is a beautiful bright yellow spice, it is known for the role it plays in burning fat as shown in a study that was carried out by the Tufts University. The active ingredient in turmeric is known as curcumin that helps speed up the metabolic process in the body. It’s quite a hot spice that will increase the warmth of your body, which will also help increase metabolism as mentioned above. The fight against Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and hormone regulation are some of the health benefits attributed to turmeric. Turmeric can be used in diverse ways that are it can be added to soup, stew or even sprinkle with vegetables or roasted nuts to add a spicy flavor.

  1. Hibiscus flower For Weight Loss
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Hibiscus is a beautiful flower; it contains massive tons of nutrients, minerals, and flavonoids among others. It contains amylase inhibitors that play a crucial role in reducing fat absorption in the body. Hibiscus helps to break down both carbohydrates and fats in your body, as a result of this they are easily eliminated from the body. In addition to this, a mild diuretic property is peculiar to hibiscus that will help you lose water weight and reduce bloating. Another advantage is that it contains antioxidants, antioxidants are known for the roles they play in strengthening your immune system.

  1. Pu-erh tea for weight loss
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The Pu-erh tea is named after the Chinese city called Pu-erh, it is a fermented tea. Earlier before fermentation, the leaves of the tea are dried and rolled after which they are later oxidized by microorganisms. Similar to wine, these tea leaves are left to age in order to add flavor and taste to the tea. The Pu-erh tea works to maintain a healthy spleen and thus facilitate digestion and absorption. This, in turn, speeds up the metabolism that results in weight loss.

  1. Gurmar leaves for weight loss
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Gurmar plants are known to be a perennial climber, they are predominantly found in places such as India and Sri Lanka. Gurmar plants have leaves which are oval in shape and they produce yellow flowers. Gurmar plant is known in Ayurveda because it has been used for centuries to treat a lot of diseases which include and not limited to kidney stones, obesity, diabetes and constipation among others. The active compound in Gurmar plants is known as gymnemic acid and it is helpful in preventing the absorption of sugar into the body and increases insulin sensitivity.

  1. Aloe Vera For Weight Loss
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Aloe Vera is a common plant known to be stemless and has fleshy leaves. The flesh of the leaves have gelatinous consistency and it has a lot of health benefits such as treatment of skin and hair problems, intestinal problems and weight loss. It contains antioxidants that help detoxify and purify the body, stimulate metabolism and provide vitamins that help for maximum functioning of the body.


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