Ten Best Exercises for Weight Loss – Exercises for Weight Loss

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Are you looking to drop a few pounds, probably to fit in that suit of yours or to lose some excess belly fat? Then you should know that exercising is vital in losing body weight. We all know that exercises are suitable for overall body health. Activities become more critical when trying to lose weight. It is the best way to burn calories and build up your muscles, but they aren’t always easy to do. Losing weight is more of a mental challenge than a physical problem, so when you feel like quitting remind yourself of the reason why you started.

Another thing about exercise is that consistency is essential. Apart from your time of rest, you should always be on the move. Gradually increase your daily limits, and in no time, your goals will be achieved. When exercising, you should be on a healthy meal diet. Working hard and burning calories just for the calories to be replaced in folds will get you nowhere. So when exercising, you should prepare a healthy meal plan with low calories to aid you further in your conquest for a fat-free body. Note you should never starve yourself as serious complications can be incurred.

  1. Running:
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This is one of the purest forms of exercising. It easy to do and can be done by anyone provided they can walk. Although running isn’t the one most effective exercises that will help you lose weight, it is one of the best ways to set you up. It is perfect for beginners and people who haven’t participated in any severe form of sports or exercises before. An average runner burns about a 100 calories per mile that might be the perfect start you need.

  1. Swimming:
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Swimming is just another excellent exercise for weight loss. It allows you to lose weight by doing something fun. This exercise will burn fat; trim inches make you strong, fit, and healthy. An hour of intense swimming can burn up to 700 calories using whatever method to push yourself against the water. The more you sell, the more weight you will lose. Swimming is a beneficial exercise for weight loss, and it is ideal for people who experience joint pain.

  1. Push-ups:
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This is one of the most common bodybuilding exercises. It builds the upper body strength and tones chest muscles. Push-ups are meant to build body muscles, but in the process, your body burns calories and helps you to lose weight. While doing this exercise, a lot of muscles are awoken, the more muscles you use, the more importance you lose.

  1. Burpees:
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Burpees will leave you depleted on the floor, this intense body exercise exerts significant muscles in the body. Burpees burns a lot of calories, and research shows that burpees burn 50% more fat than your average training. Burpees will burn fat by working on your arm, chest, back, shoulder, leg an abs.

  1. Squats:
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Squats are potent movements that burn lots of energy, squats build mainly leg and abdominal muscles and other core muscles. Squats will help build body mass, the more body mas you have, the faster your metabolism. The speed of metabolism determines the number of calories that will be burned.

  1. Mountain climbers:
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Mountain climbers are a full body workout and a great way to burn calories boost weight loss. The continuous occurrence of this exercise over a long period will contribute to losing weight. Mountain climbers will fire up nearly every muscle in your body and will build chest, triceps, abs, deltoids, biceps, oblique’s, hip abductors, hamstrings and quads.

  1. Deadlifts:
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This is another heavyweight bodybuilding exercises that burn calories. A couple of deadlifts daily can help you increase your lean body mass, which aids metabolism, ultimately burning calories. To improve effectiveness, you have to challenge yourself by increasing your limit.

  1. Pull-ups:
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Pull up is considered a bodybuilding exercise. Muscles generally consume a lot of calories, but what you might not be aware of is that muscles continue to burn calories even after the task is finished. Pull-ups makes use of all your major muscles and utilizes the whole body to burn more fat.

  1. Plank:
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This exercise will put high pressure on your body, especially your abdomen. Plank is for building abdominal muscles and arms. While building your muscles, this exercise also burns fat, especially belly fat. It all follows the process of exerting of core muscles, burning of calories, and losing weight.

  1. Lunges:
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This is another simple form of exercise that can prove vital in weight loss. Lunges will tone and tighten your leg muscles. This exercise sheds fat from the whole body. It is estimated that a person weighing 150 pounds will burn 275 calories per 30 minutes of lunges. It is good but not enough. Make lunges more effective by conjoining it with other exercises.


It all comes down to how much you are willing to go. It is wisely said that no pain equals no gain. So exercises are an excellent way to lose weight. All you have to do is to keep pushing and don’t give up. The last rounds of exercises matter the most, as most calories are burn in this phase. So that final push you gave can go a long way in reducing your weight.

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