Pain during Intercourse or Penetration

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Women experience pain during intercourse at least once or multiple times in their lifetime. Painful sex can be caused by a lot of things ranging from structural problems, gynecologic issues, and psychological concerns. Average vagina penetration doesn’t hurt especially if there is enough arousal and penetration should only be painful the first few times of having sex.

Pain during sexual intercourse is termed by dyspareunia; it means persistent pain in the genitals or the pelvic area before, during, and after sex or penetration. The pain felt can be sharp, intense, or throbbing, and it occurs mostly in women. Although rough, deep, and penetrating sex can cause pain during and after sexual encounters. Other causes of pain during intercourse include.

  1. Insufficient lubrication:

One of the most common causes of pain during and after intercourse is inadequate lubrication. This condition is caused by little or no arousal before sex. The vagina should be properly stimulated before sex when this happens, the vagina responds to arousal by producing lubrication that moistens the walls and the entrance of the vagina. More time should be put into stimulation and foreplay to make the vagina fully aroused. Low estrogen levels can also cause insufficient lubrication. This makes the vagina tissues fragile in such a way that the vagina walls produce less lubrication. When this happens friction during intercourse causes tear on the vagina walls, which can also lead to infection if not properly attended. Childbirth, breastfeeding, and medications also cause inadequate lubrication. Lubricants will help increase sexual comfort. To stop pain caused by insufficient lubrication, lubricating oil should be applied in the vaginal area.

  1. Tight vaginal entrance:

A woman’s size does not depict the size of her vagina. A small vagina and a big penis can be a cause of pain during penetration. During intercourse, a large penis might hit the cervix continuously, which results in depression. Most women are never fully aroused before getting penetrated. This might work for an average or small penis size, but it never works for a huge penis. The vagina stretches and gets wider during arousal and sex, so if foreplay is done correctly, then with lubricant pain during penetration can be avoided. Also, sex positions that deep aid penetration like doggy or missionary should be avoided and controlling positions like cowgirl and spooning should be introduced as they will reduce infiltration, thereby minimizing pain.

  1. Medical complication:

Medical problems like vaginitis or vaginal yeast infection can cause severe pain during intercourse. This medication may be caused by viruses which occur one way of the other. Other medical conditions that cause pain during sex may include fibroids, ovarian cysts, tilted uterus, endometriosis, and bladder infections. These conditions affect organs like uterus, bladder, and ovaries. These may be structural defects which are much more threatening, and they may result in surgery. When faced with this, your best option is to visit your doctor to recommend your best treatment option.

  1. Low hormone production:

It is believed that during menopause hormone production can fall drastically, which causes vaginal dryness. Other causes include stress and medications. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for lubrication in the vaginal and a drop in the production of this hormone can lead to pain during intercourse. Hysterectomy radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical removal of the ovaries can also cause a decrease in estrogen production. This condition leads to early menopause. A reduction in hormone levels may also influence sexual desire or pleasure. Although the change in hormone levels can also be caused by pregnancy, nursing, birth control methods, and menstrual cycles, when faced with this, a doctors appointment it should be scheduled.

  1. Wrong sex positions:

Sex positions engaged used between partners can also be a cause of pain during intercourse. It has been observed that some sex positions can give women severe pain during and after sex. Depending on how and where pain occurs, sex positions should be changed continuously to find an ideal one. Posts like spooning, a woman on top can help female partners adjust themselves and make them more comfortable. Also, curved or tilted manhood may require that the sex position is changed to more soothing ones.

  1. Vaginismus:

This is a form of sexual trauma; the pain might occur during penetration due to a secure, involuntary tightening of vagina muscles. This usually occurs after a bad experience and has been known to occur even when women are consensual to having intercourse.

  1. Irritation:

Birth control cream, foams, deodorant spray, latex condoms, and scented tampons can irritate the vagina. Scented of fragranced care products should be avoided as they can bring about discomfort in the vagina. In this situation, alternative spermicide, birth control methods, and condoms should be sought after.

  1. Pain in the pelvis:

When this is the cause of pain during intercourse, pain is observed deep in the pelvis. Objectives of this condition include obstetrical mismanagement during birth, rape, pelvic surgery, and improperly performed abortions. Sex positions may help lessen pain in this scenario, but a doctor visit is recommended.

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