Ten Ways to Communicate During Sex

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Studies have proved that people who communicate well while making love tend to have a better sex life than people who do not. Communication during sex is almost as important as sex itself; it fuses sexual partners together, making them enjoy the rawness and crudeness of sex. Contact during sex can help build a better connection with your partner; it can be in the form of words, gestures, and actions. Excellent communication while making love will help satisfy partners and make them more open and intimate with each other. This is good for your sex life and relationship as a whole. Since communication during can cause a lot of anxieties in people, sexual partners don’t always know what to do or say. This is why we have devised means for you on how to communicate during sex.

  1. Talk dirty:

Sex can be messy, sticky, and greasy. So you might as well be muddy. Being dirty stimulates both parties, making sex more erotic. Dirty talk before and during sex will turn both partners on. During sex, you don’t have to worry about your partner thinking you have a dirty mind, say what you think and don’t conceal your emotions. So stop being modest when it comes to sex, open up, and communicate your real feelings.

  1. Noises:

A noise like moans and groans will tell your partner they are doing the right thing. This will encourage them and will give your partner an idea of things you like. Noises during sex are also very sexy and will make your partner go wild, boosting their drive. The non-verbal contact is also an excellent means to avoid awkwardness while on the act. To communicate better with your partner, then noises should be introduced into play.

  1. Make gestures:

You should respond to everything your partner does with you while having sex. Gestures give sexual partners the knowledge of what should be done and what should be stopped. Responding well to a move by your partner lets them know you enjoy what they did while a negative gesture will tell them to abstain from such movement.

  1. Words:

Use your words to mold your partner into what you want. Communicate directly with them to learn more about the lapses and inconveniences that you face while making love. Communicating with words is essential and will maintain a healthy sexual bond. It also catalyzes an emotional relationship.

  1. Practice:

It is commonly said that practice makes perfect. There are over 200 sex styles you can try with your partner. This doesn’t work? Fine! You can try another. Practice makes partners discover each other. Sexual partners have to keep finding out through practical means what the other party wants. Then proceed to make the wanted regularity in their sexual lives.

  1. Body image:

This is a known cause of awkwardness while making love. If thoughts like will he think I am fat? What does she think about my belly get into your head? This thought might make you unattached and stop you from giving your all. When this happens, your partner probably feels they have done something wrong, making them confused. When making love dispatch thoughts of what your body looks like. Your partner probably knows what you look like, and they are still willing to go.

  1. Avoid medical jargon:

There is nothing official about sex, so why use medical terminologies during the act. Referring to your partners, privates with medical terms is lame. Give them fun and exciting names; this will help spice things up. Steering clear of medical terminologies will also aid dirty talking, connect you on different levels, and makes everything less daunting.

  1. Avoided pressuring your partner:

Some questions or words can put immense pressure on your partner. Don’t demand what they can’t provide; this might even cause them to lose interest, making them think you are insatiable — also asking your partner if they are done signals to them that you might be bored and causes them to underperform. Pressuring words should be avoided while making love.

  1. Sharing:

Sharing with your partner is a great way to enhance your sex life. It makes partners more comfortable. Sharing your past experiences and other things you feel is healthy for your sex life. Sharing also promotes understanding between partners and establishes an excellent connection.

  1. Admiration:

Good sex life is built on communicating respect with your partner. Appreciate your partner’s moves and also admire their body and attributes. Tell your partner what you love about them and how the little things they do have a long term effect on you. Compliment them, tell them they have the most beautiful shape, or your head spins when they make a particular move. Doing this will improve your romance and make lovemaking as right as it can be.

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